Čhaŋkú Wašté Ranch

is on a mission to give everyone in our community

access to a restored life!



Working with the most vulnerable transforms all involved. We do not operate from an “us serving them” stance, but from a stance of mutual brokenness and with the understanding that in God’s Kingdom, we are all equal. Equally created in God’s image and equally desperate for the saving grace of Jesus.

Those that The Čhaŋkú Wašté Ranch serves lack access to the physical resources they need and access to the relationships needed for a fully restored, self-sufficient life. The Čhaŋkú Wašté Ranch doesn’t provide everything in the equation. Instead, we partner with the community and volunteers to create access to those needs being met.

Restored Life
We believe that a life is not fully restored without a real, transformative relationship with Jesus and access to rescue, other safe relationships, vital resources and recovery.